Gift Ideas

In case you were looking for some lunch goodies ... here you go!


A Variety of Silicone Cups:

Food Colorings:
More great natural colors can be found at Chocolate Craft Studio!

The EasyLunchboxes Family of Goodies:

TONS of Cookie/Sandwich Cutters ... Multiple Sizes & Shapes:

CuteZCute Specialty Cutters & Tools:

Also  a great idea but there are far too many to list: cupcake picks & rings! It's amazing the difference sticking a pick in a sandwich/fruit/cheese/whatever can make to a kid (or an adult, for that matter)!

Lock n Lock Box
 John loves these for
"snacky" lunches
Small Yellow Plaid Box
It held my pie for my
Supernatural lunch
480ml Yellow Plaid Box
It held the rest of my
Supernatural lunch
500ml Green Polka Dot Box
Not yet used but John did
get to borrow ...
500ml Blue Polka Dot Box
We love the movable divider &
it's a great size for a small meal!
Pink Snack Container
I don't do "girly" often,
but fell in love with this!
Black Polka Dot Snack Container
The same size as the pink and small
yellow... but I LOVE black... and dots.
Pig Silicone Food Cups
Purchased for a  future Supernatural
lunch... coming soon!
Zoo Animal Erasers
Not at all for food ...
but John LOVES erasers!

Nesting Boxes
Paris. London, NYC ... and all
of Italy, apparently 
London Bus Box
I'm a wee bit addicted to the
United Kingdom. A bit.
Two-Tier Paris Box
More like a two-tier BOWL.
How awesome is that?
Slim Black Two-Tier Box
It's out of stock but would go
GREAT with my little black box!
Slim Pink Two-Tier Box
The partner to my little pink
container ... and in stock ;)
Black Lunch Box Set
I love the idea of having a
black box ... ANY black box!
Pink/Purple/Aqua Dome Box
I just think the design is the
cutest darn thing... and DOTS!
Aqua/Purple/Pink Dome Box
I'm pretty sure I would need
both... they're pretty!
Panda Dome Box
This one I may be willing
to share with John. Maybe.
Puzzle Sandwich Cutter
Mostly to use for John.
I think he would LOVE it!
Mini Stitch Cups
As in Lilo & Stitch and we
BOTH love Lilo & Stitch!
Little Animal Bowls
These are just adorable. The
pig would be MINE, though!

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