Friday, August 31, 2012

Doctor Who Blog Hop -- Waiting for Who

You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this hop! We've done quite a few hops with the Bento Bloggers & Friends group but this? Oh ... this one makes me all sorts of wibbly wobbly inside.
Unless you're a new follower, you have probably guessed by now that I'm a huge Doctor Who fan. Waiting for this hop (and the new season!) has left me feeling a bit like poor little Amelia Pond sitting in the back yard waiting for that beloved Vworp-Vworp sound of the TARDIS. In fact, it was that feeling that inspired my lunch: 
Well, that feeling and this screen capture:
Now, my John is only six years old and has a tendency to not think that he can handle anything that might be deemed as scary. He loves cartoon monsters and computerized zombies, but he isn't real keen on any that appear "real" on tv. I figured that because of this I would have to wait at least a couple of years until I could really introduce him to Doctor Who. Thanks to bits and pieces and YouTube clips, though, John is becoming a little Whovian!
I was thrilled to finally be able to make him a Doctor-ed lunch and it has three of his favorites: a Dalek, Eleven, and an Adipose*.
*(Yes, I am fully aware that Ten was the one who met the Adipose. Same character. Different face. Your argument is invalid.)

Now click on the TARDIS and travel on over to see what's going on over at Bento for Kidlet and then continue your travels from there! (I do highly recommend that you also take some time to check out her past Doctor Who posts!)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Oh, there you are, Perry!

John slept in this morning and I was up around 6:30 .... so I decided to surprise him by making a cute lunch! Summer school ended on the 16th and he doesn't start 1st grade until September 4th so I've pretty much slacked off on the cuteness and we've just been eating whatever we grab when we get around to it.

Today when John finally gets around to going "Moooooom I'm hungry!" he'll be able to just go grab his Perry the Platypus lunch from the fridge! (Complete with a Phineas & Ferb thermos of Crystal Light lemonade!)
Perry is drawn onto a salami sandwich on Rudi's Multigrain with cheese tail and beak. Holding the tail up is an All Natural Grape Fruit Twist from Aldi's and below him are Veggie Straws. He also has a Phineas & Ferb GoGurt tube on the side.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The last night of work for the week (off until Saturday!!! WOOT!!!), so we're wrapping up with another Pegg/Frost flick -- Paul

Paul is provolone on top of gluten-free pizza surrounded by sausage links because of this clip:

Kristen Wiig gets high in Paul out on DVD and... by grapevine_digital

The side sections are trailmix and Chobani blueberry yogurt with Craisins underneath the yogurt dish.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hot Fuzz on Cheese Dog Pancakes

Night two of the Simon Pegg/Nick Frost/Edgar Wright love-fest!
In my Easy Lunchbox: cheddar-topped Cheese Dog Pancakes with little containers of ketchup & mustard for dipping, grapes & hard-cooked egg. It's going to be hard waiting until work to devour this! I'll wait, though, because I think it'll be more fun to eat it while watching the movie which is already on my iPad waiting for me.


So. Wondering about the "Cheese Dog Pancakes," aren't you?
Another case of "hmmmm ... that might actually taste okay" being more than okay!

Mix together: 
2 Tbs melted margarine
1 cup Bisquick 
1 cup milk
1 egg

Stir in:
3 very thinly sliced hot dogs
2 tsp mustard
1 Tbs ketchup
1/2 ounce finely shredded cheddar cheese

Scoop onto griddle & cook like you would normal pancakes. 
Using an 1/8 cup scoop I got 14 pancakes.

John had the first test of them for dinner last night and definitely approved!

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Shaun Of The Dead "You've got red..."

If you've seen Shaun of the Dead, this needs no explanation. If you haven't, you should ... unless your name is Jenn and zombies give you the serious heebie-jeebies ...
In the large section is mashed potatoes and chicken breast topped with cheese. The top right has a strawberry gel cup and some Sixlets. In the bottom right is SmartFood Cinnamon Popcorn.

No. There's no "Mission: ImPineapple" today. I'm getting a little tired of pineapple. And I'm out.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Seventh Doctor and Mel (Classic Doctor Who)

Aaaaah Sylvester McCoy and Bonnie Langford -- the Seventh Doctor and Melanie Bush. I found Paradise Towers online and was able to enjoy a little trip down memory lane ...
Clockwise from Top Left: Fruity Zucchini Muffin & dried pineapple, mushrooms, Teriyaki rice with cheese. And I know I'm going to be slightly glutened tonight from the teriyaki sauce on the rice, but it will be a miniscule amount (less than 2% according to the package) and I'm not worried about it. I probably wouldn't give it to John .... but I'm willing to risk it for myself  ;)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cars for the last day of Summer School

John asked for "just a sandwich" for tomorrow with no crust and cut into squares.
"Little bitty squares."
FunBites CubeIt to the rescue!!!
He's got roast beef on Rudi's Multigrain (of course) with Cars 2  fruit snacks, Smartfood Puffed Corn and cheddar cheese sticks. A Tow Mater ring is around one of the cheese sticks and will probably be around his finger for the remainder of the day! He'll also have a yogurt and juice.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Come Along, Pond

Pineapple flax bread, ham TARDIS, provolone words & Amy Pond, Snapea Crisps, dip & fruit snacks all in an EasyLunchbox.

Lunch with Friends

Tomorrow John has some gluten-free Domino's for lunch with his new VeggieTales picks peeking out from behind. In the side are some Qwackers from GlutenFreeKids (thanks, Aunt Cristi!), Veggie Straws and Dole Real Fruit Bites. Including the time it took to reheat the pizza slightly (it had been frozen) the whole lunch took under 2 minutes! Bonus for Mommy!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Simple salad in @EasyLunchboxes

Feeling little inspiration today so I've got a nice big salad in an Easy Lunchbox for tonight. Lettuce, tomato, carrots, hard cooked egg and cheese. Fat free ranch in the little cup surrounded by some fruit snacks. Rolled ham slices in the other corner. I did cut the cheese (stop it, LM!) with some mini star cutters so at least there's a little cute factor going on :)

John Designed: John & Sonic

I asked John to draw me a picture of what he wanted his lunch to look like before he left for school this morning. He said he wanted his head, the heart and Sonic The Hedgehog's head out of WOWbutter and jam and the words out of cheese ... and that's what he has! I also added some cheese stars, turkey bites, veggie straws and on the side grapes and fruit snacks. I should get him to design my lunch for work tonight because right now I still have no clue :)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

SyFy Warehouse 13's Farnsworth

Warehouse 13 is one of the few non-reality shows that Tom and I watch together. Our work schedules are so drastically different and whacked that it takes a special kind of show to make us make the time to sit and watch. We may end up a week or two behind by the time we find the time and energy, but we always seem to pull it off sooner or later.  If you also watch then you already know about Farnsworth. If you don't, you should. Head to Amazon and buy the dvds or download the instant videos or watch it on Netflix. It's worth the time.
John actually decided what the pasta would be tonight -- gluten free mac & cheese mixed with pasta sauce and cut up pepperoni slices. Farnsworth and the letters are provolone. There's a small side container in the top left of the picture with some grapes and pineapple chunks.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gluten-Free Tomato Pancake Cheese Rolls

A few days ago I had the idea of making savory pancakes and tonight I finally did! While I was mixing them up I thought it might be extra-awesome to wrap them around mozzarella ... and it was!

It went together quite easily:

1 cup Gluten-Free Bisquick
6 ounces milk
1 egg
1 Tablespoon vegetable oil
2 ounces pasta sauce

Combine all ingredients. Pour into heated pan. (I use an 1/8th cup scoop per pancake.) Flip like you would a normal pancake.
Unwrap and cut in half 6 mozzarella sticks/string cheese. Before pancakes cool (I did this step after every 3 made) wrap one pancake around one cheese stick half and secure with a toothpick (I found it best to sit them seam-side down while I made more).
I ended up with 12 total and put 3 in an Easy Lunchbox with the rest of my food for tonight!
3 Tomato Pancake Cheese Rolls with pasta sauce for dipping, Snapea Crips with french onion dip, Kinnikritters mixed with dried pineapple chunks and dried cranberries.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Veggie Tales Larry (AND Larry-Boy!) in @EasyLunchboxes

When John was too little to really pay attention and understand much we watched a lot of Veggie Tales. It was on tv still and we have a bunch of the dvds. Then he lost interest .... until he recently stumbled upon his old friends on Netflix and there's been no turning back. I even made him a bunch of stick puppets of his favorite characters because finding the toys has proved to be difficult (and a lot more expensive than craft sticks, printer ink and crazy glue!).
Larry is definitely his favorite -- as is his alter-ego, Larry-Boy.
Larry is a salami sandwich on Rudi's Multigrain. His hero costume is monterey jack cheese. They're sitting on a beef stick. In the top left are grapes and dried cranberries. In the top right are a couple of gummy worms and some Orgran Itsy Bitsy Bears.
And Larry can even put his costume on!