Sunday, August 12, 2012

SyFy Warehouse 13's Farnsworth

Warehouse 13 is one of the few non-reality shows that Tom and I watch together. Our work schedules are so drastically different and whacked that it takes a special kind of show to make us make the time to sit and watch. We may end up a week or two behind by the time we find the time and energy, but we always seem to pull it off sooner or later.  If you also watch then you already know about Farnsworth. If you don't, you should. Head to Amazon and buy the dvds or download the instant videos or watch it on Netflix. It's worth the time.
John actually decided what the pasta would be tonight -- gluten free mac & cheese mixed with pasta sauce and cut up pepperoni slices. Farnsworth and the letters are provolone. There's a small side container in the top left of the picture with some grapes and pineapple chunks.

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