Friday, August 24, 2012

Oh, there you are, Perry!

John slept in this morning and I was up around 6:30 .... so I decided to surprise him by making a cute lunch! Summer school ended on the 16th and he doesn't start 1st grade until September 4th so I've pretty much slacked off on the cuteness and we've just been eating whatever we grab when we get around to it.

Today when John finally gets around to going "Moooooom I'm hungry!" he'll be able to just go grab his Perry the Platypus lunch from the fridge! (Complete with a Phineas & Ferb thermos of Crystal Light lemonade!)
Perry is drawn onto a salami sandwich on Rudi's Multigrain with cheese tail and beak. Holding the tail up is an All Natural Grape Fruit Twist from Aldi's and below him are Veggie Straws. He also has a Phineas & Ferb GoGurt tube on the side.


  1. hahah Love how the tail goes off the bread! cute!

  2. SWEET!!!! Phineas and Ferb are great but we LOVE Perry!!!

  3. Cute! My son watched Phineas & Ferb for the first time this week. He has been pretending to be a platypus since Tuesday.