Sunday, August 5, 2012

Veggie Tales Larry (AND Larry-Boy!) in @EasyLunchboxes

When John was too little to really pay attention and understand much we watched a lot of Veggie Tales. It was on tv still and we have a bunch of the dvds. Then he lost interest .... until he recently stumbled upon his old friends on Netflix and there's been no turning back. I even made him a bunch of stick puppets of his favorite characters because finding the toys has proved to be difficult (and a lot more expensive than craft sticks, printer ink and crazy glue!).
Larry is definitely his favorite -- as is his alter-ego, Larry-Boy.
Larry is a salami sandwich on Rudi's Multigrain. His hero costume is monterey jack cheese. They're sitting on a beef stick. In the top left are grapes and dried cranberries. In the top right are a couple of gummy worms and some Orgran Itsy Bitsy Bears.
And Larry can even put his costume on!


  1. Love it! After the pick swap, you'll have a computer pick to be Qwerty!

  2. love the puppets and the Larry-Boy lunch. very fun.

  3. you can dress him up, and eat him! much better than a boring old toy!