Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lauren Cooper vs Mr. Logan

I became a Catherine Tate fan before she hit the air as the amazing Donna Noble in Doctor Who. She had her own sketch comedy show in the UK and one of my favorite characters of hers is the teenager Lauren Cooper. And the best Lauren Cooper sketch ever? The one done for a Comic Relief special with none other than my beloved David Tennant:
For the lunch:
Lauren is provolone. The letters are cheddar. The noodles are something or other we had in the cupboard.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blog Hopping for the 4th

The 4th of July is just around the corner and even though most of our kids are out of school for the summer they still have to eat, right? The gals of Bento Bloggers & Friends thought it would be a great time for a hop so after seeing John's patriotic lunch here hop on over and see the crazy coolness going on at Biting The Hand That Feeds You and keep hopping from there!
John's only request for the lunch was that it had the flag and "USA" so he has some leftover mac & cheese with a provolone flag on top and "USA" is bread & butter. He also has grapes on red, white & blue picks and fruit snacks.

Click on the button to hop on over and see what other awesomeness awaits! 

The Patriotic Hop, Mom Style

With the 4th of July coming up the gals in Bento Bloggers & Friends decided that it would be fun to do another blog hop. Honestly, I wasn't quite sure what I would that would be "me" and fit with the 4th until it was suggested that it could be anything patriotic. Patriotic .... presidents .... Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter!!!

Abe, the flag and stars are all cheese over a Healthy Choice pasta dinner of some sort. 
The top sections hold a hard-cooked egg, mandarin orange and Nutri-Grain bar.

Now hop on over to see what awesomeness Little Miss will be getting at Keeley McGuire Blog and then keep following the hop from there! (Hop posts should be "live" the morning of Friday the 29th.)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Clerks came out in 1994. I saw it at a second-run $1.50 theater with some college friends and was pretty much "eh" about it. And then I saw it again -- same theater different group of friends -- and it started to grow on me. Again and again. Each time I loved it more and more.
Then a handful of years passed and Kevin Smith got more and more popular and in 2000 ABC aired an animated version!
For two episodes.
That version has since made its way to dvd, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, YouTube ... and my lunch (much easier to copy the animated than the original)!

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Jackson 5 a la Clerks 2

The greatest three minutes of Clerks 2:

And the greatest bit of those 3 minutes a la lunch:
Go ahead. Try and deny the awesomeness of Jay and Silent Bob in pigtails. You just can't.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fly Fatass Fly

I've been wracking my brain trying to think of fun and witty commentary about tonight's Mallrats lunch. One would think that I could come up with tons to say since it's the first of Smith's movies that I more or less memorized due to repeated viewings (totally because of Jason Lee ... and the whole sci fi comic book geek slant that Clerks only had miniscule amounts of).

Instead, I got nothing (well, except for mac & cheese & cheese ... and more cheese).


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kevin Smith's Dogma

If somebody were to ever say that I had to pick only 5 movies to watch for the rest of eternity, Dogma would probably take up 4 of the 5 slots. There are lots of lunch-worthy elements of the film but I'm going with a couple from the beginning of the film for tonight.

Buddy Christ and Catholicism WOW!
I thought it was only fitting to have "loaves and fishes" tied in so Buddy Christ is a tuna sandwich (using a great recipe from MOMables) on Udi's bread. The letters, hearts and Catholicism WOW! poster are monterey jack cheese. The poster is sitting on Goldfish crackers and in the top left is mixed fruit. The drink container has grape juice in it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

BLOG HOP! So much fun you'll be whistling ...

Wednesday's the first day of summer and a great day for a Bento Bloggers & Friends Summer Blog Hop!

As you've probably been able to figure out, I love movies and my favorite summer movie of all time has to be National Lampoon's Vacation. The first time I saw it I was far too young for it and still loved it. It's only gotten better for me over the years. Besides, how can you not get this song stuck in your head ....

Top Left: star shaped hard cooked egg, rolled deli ham
Top Right: zucchini and squash in sauce with a cheese Walley World sign
Bottom: Garden Delight spaghetti topped with Hamburger Helper (from one of those EasyMac kinda cups. Cousin Eddie would be proud), a cheese road, Truckster and letters (with the proper number of o's and everything! Go ahead and sing along ... we won't tell!)

Now hop on over and see what's next at Zoe's Lunchbox!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Blog Hop! Yogi Bear & Friends

Wednesday is a super special day on so many levels!

First, it's the first day of Summer!!!

Second, because of the first it's the day of the Bento Bloggers & Friends Summer Blog Hop so make sure you click on the picture at the bottom of the post to head over to Bobbi's Bentos to see what she's up to.

Most of all, it's John's last full day of Kindergarten! He has a half-day Thursday but Wednesday is the last full day. His class picnic got rained out on Tuesday so it's happening today and John requested a special summery picnicy lunch for us to share at the park.
Summer isn't summer without picnics and camping ... and who better to represent both of those things that good ol' Yogi Bear (and friends)?
The insides of the sandwiches also go along with the camping/picnic/summer theme because they're S'mores Sandwiches! It was an idea that sprang out of a conversation with the Bento Bloggers & Friends gals -- Chocolate Soy Nut Spread from I.M. Healthy with Fluff! Surrounding the sandwiches are fruit snacks and on top is "Yogi Bear" spelled out of colby jack cheese. The top left has two hard cooked eggs -- one molded with a heart mold, the other with a fish. The bottom left has two vanilla wafer cookies for each of us.  This will be a shared lunch -- along with some unpictured drinks and apples.

Now keep hopping and see what Bobbi is sharing with us!

Angry Birds Piglantis

This isn't actually John's lunch for tomorrow but it was going to be. I had this great plan to end his Kindergarten year the same way we started -- with an Angry Birds lunch. I even have it in the same box I used for his first day of school! But, alas, it rained this morning so his class picnic got moved to tomorrow and he had a specific idea in mind that he wanted me to make for that ... so he's eating his Piglantis now and I'll post his/our actual lunch for tomorrow later... MUCH later! (It's also going to be part of a super fun Blog Hop so make sure you check back tomorrow morning for it!)

Monday, June 18, 2012

"Brand New Day" from Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

The love for Joss Whedon's brain continues tonight with a lunch based on my favorite song from Dr Horrible -- "Brand New Day."

(Neil Patrick Harris blows my head off with DHSAB ... especially with this song!) 
In the box: a cheese key to a shiny new Australia turkey sandwich (actually used edible shimmer on it to make it shiny), colby jack lettering and orange segments. I'll also have some yogurt that I'll probably stick in the freezer since Billy and Penny love fro-yo ;)

Plants vs Zombies -- Gatling Pea vs Football Player

The last PvZ lunch of Kindergarten *sniffle*
John had asked for the zombie out of cheese but after several failed attempts he's getting two small sandwiches instead!
In the box are ham and cheese sandwiches, Sixlets "peas," Combos, and a mozzarella string cheese. He'll also have a snack container on the side with orange segments as well as his normal pouch of juice or water. Tomorrow is their family picnic at the park by the school so I'll probably make up some Ranch Deviled Eggs and take so he'll have some of those, too. In fact, he'd probably be happy with just those if I would let him get away with it!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Firefly's Jayne Cobb

I'm still more than slightly bitter that Firefly got canned after only one season, but I'm very thankful for Netflix having that season and Serenity so I can watch and rewatch.
Life without Jayne Cobb? Not at all shiny.
Tonight I've got some Garden Delight spaghetti with sauce, zucchini, yellow squash, Jayne and a Browncoat flag. Jayne is drawn onto some bread & butter that I'll use to sop up the sauce -- I found the picture of him and Vera at Zoom-Comics.
I'm sure there will be more Firefly lunches in the future ... til, then ...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

St Trinian's ... old and new

I love good satire and fell in love with the late Ronald Searle and his St. Trinian's School (and the classic set of movies based on the cartoons) when I was in middle school. I had no idea that a new set of films had been made until a couple of weeks ago when a friend pointed them out to me (mostly, I think, because our beloved David Tennant is in the second one). I watched St. Trinian's early this morning and plan on watching St. Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold if I have enough downtime at work tonight. I figured that a St. Trinian's lunch would be the perfect go-along!

The lunch:
A classic Searle St. Trinian's girl looking up at the St. Trinian's 2 movie logo -- both on provolone. Under them is Kraft Veggie Pasta Mac & Cheese mixed with the rest of the oriental blend veggies from yesterday. In the top left is an 18 Rabbits Squeaky Cheeky Choco Cherry Bunny Bar. The top right has pudding.

A clip from a classic St. Trinian's flick (The Pure Hell of St. Trinian's):


The trailer from the 2007 St. Trinian's:

The trailer from the 2009 St. Trinian's 2:

Friday, June 15, 2012

In Deep Voodoo (by Stephanie Bond)

Tonight I've got a lunch inspired by the book that helped turn Stephanie Bond into one of my favorite authors -- In Deep Voodoo.
The right is Penny's side and has a base of oriental blend vegetables topped with a flaxseed meal voodoo doll and mini turkey sausage patties. The doll detail and letters are provolone cheese. The left is for BJ and has corn chips and salsa and a Thin Mint Crunch candy bar.

If you're confused, get the book! Even if you're not confused (or could care less about why I eat what I do) ... get the book!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yolen & Teague How Do Dinosaurs Play With Their Friends?

John loves the Yolen & Teague How Do Dinosaurs... books and this morning when I asked if he wanted to pick out a book for tomorrow's lunch he immediately grabbed How Do Dinosaurs Play With Their Friends? and started picking out which page he wanted. He finally decided on the Quetzalcoatlus playing basketball with the little girl, asking if she would like one more turn. (I was hoping for the page next to it -- the Cryolophosaurus on the seesaw with the little boy .... maybe some day!)
The sandwich is bologna and cheese. It's sitting on Doritos. There are also Life Saver Gummies and raisins in the box. A tube of yogurt will also be in the bag with the box and a bag of Super V juice.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pinky Dinky Doo! (and Tyler and Mr Guinea Pig, too!)

Tomorrow's lunch is the result of another "I don't know what to do so I'll check the Netflix queue"... and we've got Pinky Dinky Doo as a turkey sandwich and her brother Tyler and their pet Mr. Guinea Pig on cheese! They're sitting on pillows on the story box and she's apparently telling a story about Angry Birds and Pigs being attacked by grapes .... or something ....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Evil Dead 3 -- Army of Darkness

Running late and need to go get John off the bus, so you get a picture and a video.

Happy Birthday, Little One!

My darling boy turns 6 tomorrow! Of course, that means a special birthday lunch (that he won't even see when he gets home from school today because it's all packed in a lunch bag in the fridge!).
He's got a bologna and cheese cupcake shaped sandwich and 6 little colby jack cupcakes, a real cupcake (in a Spongebob paper), Spongebob grahams, grapes, and a container of Yoplait Splitz Birthday Cake yogurt.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Evil Dead 2 .... and the backup plan

I had every intention of taking this to work tonight ... a copy of the Evil Dead 2 poster drawn on provolone on top of shells & cheese. And then I woke up from my post-work nap absolutely famished and ate it. SOOOO plan B which is an awesome picture of Ash's sister from the first flick by Ken Haesser:
 also copied onto provolone, and on top of a big bowl of mixed veggies (yes, I sometimes just eat mixed veggies smothered in cheese):

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Evil Dead -- Part One

Tonight at work I'll have this:
which was based on this:
The girl is reduced fat cheddar (not the easiest cheese to draw on) and a friend sent the pick I used for the hand reaching out to grab her. I could have drawn that, too, but the pick was too perfect and the pick part was easily hidden by the mixed veggies. The words are colby jack scraps from John's lunch and they all sit on a rice/veggie mix. In the top containers are grapes, Andes mints, and cottage cheese.

Baby Sylvester Snuggling Granny

I should have known we needed more than one week of Baby Looney Tunes! Some important characters didn't appear last week -- like Sylvester and Granny! Luckily, I found a great picture on deviantART that John loved for the two of them.
The sandwich is bologna. The hearts are colby jack and were cut using my FunBites LuvIt. He also has grapes and will get a yogurt cup or tube, too.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baby Marvin & Instant Alien

The last Baby Looney Tunes lunch (for this week, anyway) features Baby Marvin the Martian and a Baby Instant Alien. Marvin was featured most in War of the Weirds and the Instant Aliens showed up at Granny's house in A Mid-Autumn Night's Scream. John thought they would be perfect in a lunch together and I think the kid was on to something!

Marvin is a turkey sandwich. The Instant Alien is colored onto colby jack cheese. Surrounding them in the box are Goldfish Space Adventures crackers. He'll also get an apple or banana and possibly a yogurt tube or cup depending on how he feels tomorrow when things get packed up!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Brave Little Tweety

The Baby Looney Tunes lovefest continues with Tweety as he appears in The Brave Little Tweety. The sandwich is bologna and cheese. "Tweety" is colby jack cheese. He also has some Live Saver Gummies, grapes and Pizza Goldfish.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baby Wile E Coyote

The little guy doesn't appear in any episodes of Baby Looney Tunes for more than a split second (they see him through a car window at one point), but Wile E Coyote and Roadrunner did appear as babies (well, toddlers) in their own short in 2000 entitled "Little Go Beep" that John and I found yesterday on YouTube! One snip of a screen shot later and we've got a super cute lunch for Wednesday of Wile with his Roadrunner jack-in-the-box (before he took a hammer to it, of course).
The sandwich is soy nut butter and jam. He also has a mozzarella stick, all-natural fruit snacks, grapes, and some Ritz Munchables.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Baby Taz

Another Baby Looney Tunes lunch for Tuesday! This time it's Baby Taz chowing down on on some pepperoni pizza .... so it's only fitting that the sandwich itself is pepperoni and cheese!
He's also got some colby jack cheese and pretzels in his split Sistema box. On the side will be a yogurt tube, apple, and his pouch of Super V juice.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Baby Bugs & Daffy

John's been watching a lot of Baby Looney Tunes on YouTube lately so I figured Baby Bugs & Baby Daffy would be a fun Monday lunch! They're veggie cream cheese on whole wheat with Annie's Bunnies, cheese penguin crackers (closest thing I had to ducks), turkey bites, fruit snacks and either an apple or banana on the side.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks

When it comes to classic Monty Python sketches The Ministry of Silly Walks is by far one of the classic-est.... or sketchiest.... or.... oh balls. Just look at the lunch and watch the clip.