Tuesday, December 13, 2011

John's Dream Lunch

This took a lot longer than some lunches.

Not because of it being complicated in detail because it's not ... but because I stood there for a long time trying to figure out just how to do it.

John loves helping come up with ideas for his lunches. Most of the time it's picking out a book or character he would like. Monday as we stood waiting for his bus, though, he said he wanted "the earth and sun in Santa hats with smiles just like in (his) dream." Uh-huh. I was asked to put his dream into a lunch.

The sun is cheese and the sandwich is pepperoni & cheese. The Santa hats are cut out of pepperoni slices. Gummy Life Savers surround the two. Hopefully it comes close to what he was thinking!

(Although unpictured, there WILL be the countdown. Probably written on the fruit cup or applesauce cup ... whichever one he chooses!)


  1. awesome. you'll have to let us know what he thought of it!!