Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Snowflake Pizza Quesadilla Thing!

Out of curiosity I wanted to see if I could successfully cut a snowflake out of tortillas much like one would do with paper.  

Luckily I cut two sets since John's first idea of what to do with them (cream cheese and jelly) turned into a soppy mess. Then I grabbed a skillet, pizza cheese, sliced (and cut up) pepperoni, and turned the remaining snowflakes into a sort of pizza quesadilla type thing!

A little container of spaghetti sauce for dipping (especially since by the time it gets to school it'll probably be more like a chessy pepperoni snowflake chip) and some yogurt raisins are included.

3 more days!!!


  1. Ahh! My sister sent me a link on Pinterest only a few days ago about snowflake quesadillas!!

    Great idea!! I haven't tried it yet.
    Looks YUMMY!

  2. Mmmm!! That looks yummy! (I love pizza any which way.) ~Neat idea to cut the tortillas into snowflake shapes.