Friday, July 20, 2012

Ann Charles' Deadwood Mysteries

Back in March one of the authors I chat with from time to time on Twitter clued me in to an author I somehow hadn't heard of yet -- Ann Charles. She was pretty certain that I would love her books knowing that I love mysteries with a cozy and humorous slant and I love pretty much all things paranormal. I immediately went to Amazon and added her first two books to the ever-growing collection on my Kindle app.
Between waiting for John's bus in the afternoons, walking to and from work with phone in hand, and putting off sleep a little too long here and there, I finally started and finished the first one this week (and the first quarter of the second book in the series).
Before I was even half-way through Nearly Departed in Deadwood I knew I needed to get the main character, Violet, into a lunch.
Clockwise From Top Left:
* cinnamon sugar popcorn tossed with dried pineapple
* marinara sauce topped with cheese "Deadwood" (to be tossed with the zucchini & squash)
* zucchini & yellow squash slices topped with cheese daisies
* italian herb & mushroom risotto topped with cheese boot

I refuse to tell you the significance of  any of it (well, aside from the popcorn & pineapple ... those are just because I want a snack). You'll just have to get the books if you want to know!


  1. HTH did you make cheese daisies?! YOU MUST TELL ME!

    Oh, and I totally called it with the popcorn, before I even read your text. I'm BACK, baby!

    1. Some random little plastic flower cookie cutter and yellow coloring :)

  2. How cool!! I want to come over and share what's in your lunch bag. I love, love, love it!! Thank you for checking out my Deadwood series and for this cool post.

    Ann Charles

    1. Awww! Thanks for popping by! I'm so glad you got a kick out of my lunch. It was fun to put together!

  3. Thanks to Ann's posting on Facebook I found this blog, which looks like great fun, but nothing is as much fun as a book by Ann Charles.

    1. Thanks, Jody! And I totally agree -- no lunch could top the joy of a great book and Ann certainly has given us those!