Thursday, December 13, 2012

Scholastic's Noodles - I Love Christmas!

This was actually one of two books we read for homework reading last night. The other book was a bit too hard for him to read all on his own and that tends to frustrate him so I pulled out Noodles which I knew he'd be able to breeze through and enjoy -- and I was right! He loved it and now, of course, wants all of the Noodles books.
 The lunch is pb&j, grapes, fruit snacks and cheese (and an unpictured yogurt tube):
That cute little card on the bottom? It's a FREE Lunchbox Love Elf Joke I got just by visiting SayPlease! The link takes you to a sign-up page for their weekly e-mails but that isn't necessary to get their free printables. It does, however, keep you in the loop and gives you 10% off so I would highly recommend doing it ;)

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