Friday, December 7, 2012

The first of probably many Supernatural lunches

My best friend got me watching Supernatural on Netflix and I love her for it. Well, I love her for a lot of reasons but Supernatural is definitely on the list! Since John has a half day of school today he didn't need me to make him anything special for lunch ... so I made one for me!

I decided to use two of my new boxes from AllThingsForSale and based it on Dean's pendant (which I also have in tattoo form!) and the much-played "Carry On My Wayward Son." In the larger box I have creamed spinach, beef pot pie and provolone words & pendant. The smaller box has some apple pie.

From ATFS:

Dean's Pendant:


  1. Yay for supernatural, tattoos and cool lunches :)

  2. Bahaha, the pot pie! Is it back from the dead or was this before the accident? And you have pie. Bitch.

    Love it .

    1. It was pieced together from what didn't make full-floor contact. And the pie probably won't even be tasty ....

  3. Hmmm. You people are making me want to watch this show despite it's ickiness. :P