Monday, October 1, 2012

Angry Birds with CuteZCute

Another fun lunch thanks to the new CuteZCute cutter set! As soon as the package was opened John took one look at the pig cutter and thought of Angry Birds -- so here's his first Angry Birds lunch of the school year!

The pig is bologna and cheese. There are also Angry Bird Cheese Nips crackers and fruit snacks and an Angry Bird ring on his cheese stick. Yogurt raisins are representing the eggs and there are also grapes simply because John loves grapes!


  1. hehehe Awesome!...JJ..

  2. So cute!! Best use of CuteZCute evah :D

  3. what a great looking lunch! I love how you put the ring on the cheese - fun! Thanks for sharing this for Fancy Sandwich Friday :)