Friday, October 12, 2012

Frank Was A Monster Who Wanted To Dance

One of the things I love about the library is the ability to borrow eBooks like the one John read and fell in love with a couple of days ago: Frank Was a Monster Who Wanted to Dance by Keith Graves. It took a couple of days for Frank to make it into lunch because we couldn't decide which page to use ... until we re-read it Thursday night.
Poor Frank had already danced his brain out .... and lost an eye .... and an arm .... but he loved to dance so much that in spite of it all he just kept on going "and laughed as his head fell off of his neck."
Frank is bologna and cheese on wheat and is cut into three mini sandwiches since he isn't all in one piece anymore anyway. The "hahaha" is colby jack cheese. In the right hand section he has grapes, Halloween LifeSaver Gummies, and frozen yogurt brains. I know that by the time he gets to lunch it will just be yogurt, but he'll know that they started out as brains!

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