Monday, October 8, 2012

The Mixed-Up Alphabet (@Scholastic - Metzger & Ho)

No school today because of Columbus Day or some such ridiculousness so John got to have a little more input than he usual for his Tuesday lunch. His first decision: the book had to be The Mixed-Up Alphabet which he read last night on his Scholastic Storia app!

Packing in the Lock & Lock box made things super-easy. Each of the four sections has 3 layers: a side, a quarter of a bologna sandwich, and then a colby jack letter (accessorized as closely as I could to how they are in the book).  Clockwise from top left the bottom layers are: grapes, alphabet cookies, Totally Ranch Munchies, and yogurt raisins.
John is thrilled with it! He loved the book and it's great for a beginning reader. There were quite a few words that he didn't know but when some of them were repeated later in the story he nailed them without hesitation. One of John's big issues has been retention. He can be told what a word is on one page and two pages later have to be told again. He pays such great attention with fun books like this and the others that we've read on Storia so far that even the hard words don't discourage him as much as they used to. He'll either ask, click, or work on sounding them out because he cares that much about getting to the next part of the tale! (Can you tell I'm thrilled???)


  1. I Love that book...Good choice John..good choice..

  2. What a great idea to reinforce how much he's loving and learning from this book!

  3. Hi! I'm the illustrator of The Mixed-Up Alphabet and I adore the alphabet lunch!! Love seeing my illustrations become sandwiches ;-) Thank you!