Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dav Pilkey's Dragon

Thanks to the Fly Guy books John has become more confident in reading chapter books so Dav Pilkey has finally entered the picture! Today for lunch he has Dragon thanks to a copy of Dragon Tales that I found in a free book box at his school many moons ago. (Huge thanks to whoever left it there! We're loving it!)
Sorry for the lousy picture. The weather is disgusting and by the time I realized the picture was crud it was too late to try and take a new one. I think you still get the general idea, though!


  1. We LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Dav Pilkey and his Dragon Tales!! Have a bunch of the books and my bro recorded all of the shows for the girls. We LOVE Dragon. Just love the lunch. :)

    1. Show?!? WHAT show?!? Must. Resist. Cuteness.