Sunday, January 6, 2013

#BelieveInSherlock Edible Geekery Birthday Hop

Some of the folks of Edible Geekery have decided to do a mini hop celebrating the birthday of Sherlock Holmes. After you check out what I've done, travel on over to BentOnBetterLunches to continue the party!

In 1893 Arthur Conan Doyle killed Sherlock Holmes. Or, at least, he tried to. The public outrage was so, well, outrageous that Doyle resurrected the character and wrote it into the canon as a faked death years later.

Fast-forward almost 120 years later and Sherlock once again fell to his presumed death on the BBC hit series Sherlock. Of course the audience was let in on the secret but that didn't stop an outrage in the fandom sense. People all over the world have declared their support of Sherlock (and Watson) with posters, shirts, blogs, graffiti, and any other medium that they can think of to declare their belief in Sherlock Holmes. (You can read more about the movement here and see some worldwide examples from believers here.)

My favorite medium, of course, is food ... so what better way to celebrate Sherlock on his birthday than with a lunch stating that I believe.
I have some leftovers from my Chinese Takeout in the small section (they forgot my fortune cookie -- Sherlock would not be amused) and mixed vegetables in marinara topped with cheese silhouette & letters in the larger section. My lunch is packed in this amazing (and very fitting) box from AllThingsForSale (a present from my DailyMile Secret Santa!):
And totally not lunch, but still worthy of posting ... my other favorite medium: ink. Specifically tattoo ink.
Still pretty new so there's still a bit of a red tint, but I love it!
Now don't forget to go to BentOnBetterLunches!


  1. Love your lunch!! And your new box! And the tattoo!!! So much awesome all in one place :D

  2. I love your new tattoo! In the art building at my college one of the restroom stalls had I BELIEVE IN SHERLOCK HOLMES written in large beautiful handwriting last summer. I wish I would have thought to snap a pic before the graffiti clean up crew on campus painted it over.

  3. I can't believe I never commented on this! Umm, awesomesauce!