Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Marley: Messy Dog

 The Lunch:
The Close-Up:
The Lunch & The Close-Up & The Kid:

And we can't forget ...

The Link To The Book (That Could Give Me $ To Buy More Books):

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Bento Lunch


  1. Love the messy dog! Awesome as always!

  2. OK. WOW. your drawing skills are incredible!! I love Marley! And i love how the blue paint goes off into the bread!

  3. You took such an amazingly adorable job with Marley! Nice job!!!

  4. OMGosh! CUTEST lunch EVER! We adore Marley! In fact with have 3 Labs that are more like Marley than you will ever know! I can't wait to show my girls this in the morning!