Wednesday, February 6, 2013

ZeptoLab's Pudding Monsters!

Last night I had no clue what I would send to school today for lunch. A friend suggested Om Nom from the game Cut The Rope and, since I've already done two of those, I decided to open up the game to get a new idea ... and that's when we found out about Pudding Monsters. John said "yeah yeah yeah!" when I asked if we should get it and even though we haven't had it for a full 24 hours yet he's already asked for a lunch of it and decided that it should be the theme for his 7th birthday party ... in June!
In John's lunch bag (which is actually my lunch bag but he was so cute when he asked to use it I couldn't say no), a turkey pudding monster sandwich that he designed right down to the number of eyes, bow tie, party hat and pine tree. (Play the game. You'll understand.) He also has clementine slices, veggie sticks, Empire Jack stars (Only two. I would've gotten three but I screwed up and only put five eyes instead of the requested six. It wasn't a perfect level for me!), and a pudding cup. You can't very well have a Pudding Monsters lunch without actual pudding, right?

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  1. Ha! Love it! I'm going to let Eliana try it today! (and hope she will not ask for a lunch like it LOL)