Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A little lunch tribute to @TheKurtFuller and @Psych_USA

You know I love Psych. This season I've been especially enthralled with the increase in screen time of Kurt Fuller's Woody the Coroner! He always cracks me up and last week's episode was no exception -- especially when he was all tied up in the Psych office upon his own request. When asked how he was doing he said he was "happier than a swine in poo" (and then shortly thereafter had cheese puffs thrown at his head).
Of course, I immediately thought "LUNCH!"
Packed in my amazing pineapple box from All Things For Sale, I have some mac & cheese covered in barbecue sauce with a monterey jack swine ... and cheese puffs. Not exactly poo but even I'm not that crazy.


  1. The cheezy poofs are smiling - like me :) Love your Psych lunches :D

  2. I love it!!! Perfect Psych lunch!

  3. Bahaha the title killed me and I haven't even had time to watch psych (its on the summer netflix list of shows to watch)