Friday, May 3, 2013

A Snacky Li'l Iron Man

A few days ago one of the packages I ordered for John's June birthday arrived -- a set of Avengers MiniMates (including his favorite -- Iron Man)! Today after school he has to go with me to work and will be spending the night there and I decided that it would be more fun for him if he had some new toys to take .... so ended up giving him his MiniMates before school. He had already requested a "snacky lunch" for today but I decided to turn it into a snacky Iron Man lunch -- especially after I found out that my two besties had done Iron Man lunches today at BentOnBetterLunches and BentoForKidlet!
John has turkey bites, a colby jack Iron Man, veggie sticks, grapes, his Omega 3 gummies and alphabet cookies spelling out Iron Man. He also has some flavored water in Belly Splashers bottle with an Iron Man top and an unpictured frozen yogurt tube.

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