Saturday, May 4, 2013

May The Fourth (Doctor, of course) Be With You!

Today the Bento Bloggers & Friends are having a Star Wars themed blog hop to celebrate May The Fourth (make sure you come back any time after noon to check that out!). Of course, being the mega Whovian geek that I am, every time I hear the words "May The Fourth" my mind immediately goes to this post from the official Doctor Who tumblr:
I had to. I didn't want to tarnish the Star Warsiness of the hop, though, so my Doctor gets a post all of his own. He deserves it.  He is, after all, the definite article, you might say.
And now, the lunch.
Chicken parm and mixed veggies with provolone Doctor, words and 11 stars (for the 11 Doctors)

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  1. I <3 <3 your 4th Doctor lunch. You never forget your first Doctor after all :)