Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pumpkiny Pumpkins in @EasyLunchboxes

 A couple of weeks ago I made up a batch of pumpkin waffles and John fell in love with them. When the freezer stash of those was getting low I whipped up some pumpkin pancakes. I wasn't at all surprised when he said he wanted some in his lunch!
I found two of the thicker ones in the batch and sliced them in half and cut them with a pumpkin cookie cutter before filling them with pumpkin cream cheese and coloring the stem and lines with natural green food coloring. Also in his Easy Lunchbox is some Harvest Mix Candy Corn & Pumpkins, a clementine, Snapea Crisps and some ranch for dipping.
I love how much he's enjoying planning out his lunches now. Before I know he'll probably want to take over making them, too!


  1. This is so cute, great of variety of ideas on what to do with pumpkins