Monday, September 3, 2012

Run you clever boy ... ANOTHER #DoctorWho lunch for Mom!

Just in case there are folks still out there who haven't seen the latest and extremely awesome episode of Doctor Who, I won't go into descriptive detail. Just know that it was such a great episode I've already watched it 3 times and still have at least one more viewing this week with John! This also probably won't be the last lunch based on the episode ....
I'm using up some of the last of our gluten-free mac and cheese for the base of the large section. We were on the trial for John but have decided to call it quits for now since the only change the gluten-free was making was to my bank account. Anyway, I've got the mac & cheese covered with genoa salami and cheese quote and characters. The top left has my beloved Tardis napkin (with some fruit snacks hiding underneath) and the top right has two hard cooked eggs.

Now to learn how to make a decent souffle ......


  1. I would just like to say OMG to that episode! I cannot wait for the next one. This is an amazing lunch and I can't wait to see what other lunches you do off that episode.

  2. You don't waste any time! Love it! Next time I want to see a soufflé though ;P

    1. Next time will be doubtful since I'm out of eggs ... well, not entirely. I'm out of not-already-hard-cooked eggs :)