Saturday, April 6, 2013

Edible Geekery goes to Empire Records!

In honor of one our favorite (and most randomly quoted) movies ... and my mad crush that still exists on Ethan Embry:
... not on Rex Manning Day!!!
Check out more at BentoForKidlet by clicking on the record!


  1. Haha, Mark's cheese t-shirt is so cute :) He was the cutest thing in the film. So odd seeing Ethan Embry on Once Upon A Time now, playing a so very un-Mark-like character, ha!

  2. Yay! One of my most favorite quotes :D <3

  3. Love it! Mark is the best. I had seen the flick probably half a dozen times before I realized he was half baked the entire time. I love the cheese tee shirt!

  4. Love it! The little T-shirt is perfect.

    Rock on!

  5. Love this hop...wish there were more in it!
    I still have a crush on Ethan Embry... even if he is thinning on top. Which my husband likes to point out.
    Have a good one!