Friday, April 26, 2013

Minecraft Goes To The Zoo! (a disposable field trip lunch)

Today was the first grade field trip to the zoo and thanks to a good friend providing transportation (and, as it turned out, moral support) I was able to go, too! Rather than have John worry about losing or forgetting one of his lunch bags & boxes we go disposable/recyclable for field trips. Last year he had super heroes and this year Minecraft!
I had a clean container from some Chinese take-out and a clean sauce cup from something or other and, as luck would have it, they fit perfectly together AND perfectly in the brown paper bag from a local deli that I drew a Creeper face on (his name is on the back -- just in case anyone didn't realize it was his if I hadn't been able to go). For lunch he had a bologna and cheese zombie sandwich, veggie sticks, grapes, LifeSaver Gummies, his Omega-3s and a little brownie.
And now for the obligatory "ermagersh he's soooooooo cute" picture:
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  1. Adorable Minecraft lunch! And adorable kiddo! <3 <3 I'm glad you were able to go :)

  2. Best lunchbag art since bento for Kidlet's Star wars :)