Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Minecraft Creeper

A few weeks back John took a Minecraft Steve lunch to school ... and today it's time for a Creeper! We're both still pretty addicted to the Pocket Edition of the game and now even Daddy is playing it, too. It's pretty funny some nights when we're all sitting around with our various i-whatevers playing. Right now I'm the only one willing to turn off Peaceful Mode so I'm the only one who actually gets to see the Creepers up close and personal ... unless John decides he wants to play with me (which he does. Often.). 
Packed in one of his +EasyLunchboxes John has peanut butter and jelly on wheat for the Creeper and the "C." The rest of the letters were cut out of colby jack cheese and are sitting on top of Original Tings. In the side compartments he has a clementine, a couple of Golden Oreos and his Omega 3 fish gummies.

I wasn't actually planning on doing another Minecraft lunch right away but then one of my favorite bento blogs posted one yesterday along with a great giveaway for a ThrifTee Gear bag and I decided it was a good time for the Creeper to make an appearance here so I could also help share the awesomeness there! We already have two ThrifTee Gear bags and we love them so click on the image below to head on over and see the impetus for this lunch .... and enter to win your own bag!


  1. Oh man if I made this for my son I would be the "coolest mom ever"

  2. Love your creeper sandwich! And thanks for pimping my post :)

  3. Great job! You Creeper looks fantastic.