Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Simple Add-ons Make It Simply Awesome!

This morning I woke up and had no ideas for lunch for John. Well, I had a ton of ideas but not enough time or energy to get them done. I thought I would break the "fun lunch" trend and I was gutted. I know he probably wouldn't have cared, but I felt awful. I poked and prodded and then remembered some picks we had recently received from a friend but had not used yet. Problem solved! Those picks and some bright colored silicone cups and a very simple lunch became, in John's words, "simply awesome!"
John has a couple of smallish blueberry muffins, clementine slices, monterey jack cheese diamonds, fruit snacks (with his Omega 3 gummies), and a tube of Sixlets (and a tube of yogurt still in the freezer at the time the picture was taken). All on their own not a very exciting lunch. A little silicone, a fun box, and some simple picks? Mom is back to rocking the lunch bag :)