Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Fish Fingers & Custard Day!

The Edible Geekery crew couldn't let the day go by without Doctor Who inspired lunches, now could we? The day, of course, in celebration of the first airing of "The Eleventh Hour" ... the lunch is a combination of that and the most recent episode, "The Bells of Saint John." Pretty timey-wimey of me, huh?
No actual custard was used in the making of this lunch. It was thrown together last minute and I wasn't about to go out in search of custard so as a stand-in I've got a side of greek yogurt (apple cinnamon flavored at that ... EEP!). From what I've read Matt wasn't actually eating fish fingers when the scene was filmed and I do have those so I'm calling it even. Along with the fish and yogurt I have a bed of alfredo noodles, and used provolone to make the wi-fi connection and TARDIS.

And because no Doctor Who lunch is complete without YouTubeage:


And now:


  1. EEEE!!!! TARDIS and Wifi <3 <3 <3 this rocks!

  2. I love it! Great job. We didn't use real fish or custard in ours ;)

  3. Real fish, good for you! But, did you dip it in the "custard" ?

  4. LOVE IT! And of course I had to link the post from your blog to it! Can't wait to share with the girls!