Friday, May 18, 2012

Doctor Who -- The First for the Eleventh

After giving myself a short period of mourning, I've continued on with the Doctor Who Fest on Netflix. I only saw part of Matt Smith's first season on tv before changing tv lineups or something foolish like that. I wasn't that enthralled with him -- in large part, I think, because I loved 9 & 10 so bloody much. I've decided to give him another go, though, and made a crack earlier that the best way I would think of to endear myself to 11 a bit more is to put him in a lunch box ... so here is a lunch with highlights from his first episode, The Eleventh Hour.
Top Left: oriental blend vegetables topped with haddock sticks & cheese "Who da man?"
Top Right: thousand island dressing, egg whites & tomato chunks
Bottom Left: salad with "Still Not Ginger" in cheese and colored egg white
Bottom Right: Vanilla Pudding (standing in for custard) with "bowties are cool" drawn on

And no, I have absolutely no intention of dipping my haddock into my pudding!

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  1. I don't think he HAS ever said "Who da man" again, heheh. There are so many cute 11-isms in that episode... Geronimoooooo! I love how they had the Atraxi cycle through all the former (known) incarnations... and how the new Doctor's so cute and bumbling through the whole episode, and then that last part so serious and slightly ominous: "Basically... Run." Not a bit sexy like 10, but a lot of fun :)