Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shaun The Sheep & Bitzer

Right after it was decided that today's lunch would be Wallace & Gromit John ran upstairs and grabbed his stuffed Shaun The Sheep from his bed and said that Friday's lunch needed to be Shaun and Bitzer since they all go together. (Shaun, of course, made his debut with Wallace & Gromit)
Bitzer is turkey on whole wheat. Shaun is cut from cheese. Both were colored with natural coloring from Chocolate Craft Studio (which reminds me -- I need to place another order soon!). They're standing on vanilla wafer cookies topped with all natural fruit snacks. On top and to the side of Shaun are Turkey Sausage Sticks. He's also getting the last of his Yoplait Trix yogurt and the always present (and unpictured) juice bag or box.


  1. Did you hear? Trix yogurt is switching to natural food colors! :)

    1. I'm SO happy about that! He loves yogurt :)