Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last night's fun FunBites dinner!

When John got home from school yesterday we walked up to where Tom & I work so he could see his daddy who got stuck pulling an almost-double. I offered to grab him some dinner at one of the little shops but then he decided he only really wanted a hot dog and there's no point in buying one of them out when we have them at home. (He did, however, end up getting a cookie and creamsicle milkshake from Insomnia Cookies ... tastey but pricey!)

Anyhooooo when we made it back home there were a couple of packages on the front porch and one of them was the FunBites LuvIt I won from Bento For Kidlet! Normally John is disappointed when a package doesn't contain a toy for him (especially since lately a lot of them have with his birthday coming up), but he was still pretty excited about it because it goes with the CubeIt we were already given by another bento mom friend!

He still wanted his hot dogs for dinner, but wanted me to use the FunBites so I made him a cheese sandwich with the LuvIt and used the CubeIt to cut his hotdogs and string cheese. Another bento mom friend surprised us with some cute little lunch gadgets so I decided to use some of those as well for John's dips. He got a big kick out of the little forks and cups!


  1. Replies
    1. Honey mustard. Probably loaded with artificial crap but he loves it and it got him to eat a carrot.

  2. My 2 year old would love it...