Monday, May 21, 2012

Field Trip Lunch!

Tomorrow all of the kindergarten kids at John's school will be going to the zoo! I didn't want him (or the teachers) to worry about keeping tracking of his bags or boxes, so we're going disposable. I found some super cute super hero lunch bags at the dollar store and swiped some sauce cups & lids from work so it only set me back a matter of pennies (since there's 15 bags in the pack and 1 will get used for the lunch).

Of course, John had to color the bag and decorate the back:

 (Yes, those are plants and zombies!)
 Mini cheese sandwiches to match the heroes on the bag -- Wolverine, Hulk & Spiderman.
Pepperoni under the sandwiches. Grapes. Oreo & zoo shape fruit snacks. Cheese stick. Super V Apple Juice.


  1. I love the superhero cheese sandwiches! They came out great! What a fun field trip lunch!

  2. My husband is a super comic would never have a chance!