Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Off! A lunch for John BY John!

I typically make John's lunches a day ahead of time but since today is Mother's Day I got the day off from making his Monday lunch and he did it (almost) all by himself!

I was thinking he would want to just grab some Slim Jims or Turkey sticks, but nope! 
He wanted to make his own sandwich and picked out salami and cheese with mayo.

He picked out an apple cookie cutter from the cabinet and cut through almost all of it on his own (salami's a little tough with a plastic cutter so I helped finish that part off).

He picked out Pizza Goldfish and fruit snacks...

He even took a picture of it with his iPod Touch since you can't make a lunch without a picture :)

With an apple and a pouch of Capri Sun Apple Super V, I think he did a great job making his apple-themed lunch!

I'm not the only Bento Blogger & Friends mom getting the day off! 
Some are getting lunches made for them. 
Some are getting their kids to make their own lunches like John. 
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  1. Nice work John! Looks like a super yummy lunch to me! And I love that he took a picture!!!! hahaha

  2. Haha I love that he took a picture too. So cute! Great job John!!

  3. Great job John! Looks delicious!!

  4. I love that he has a lunch theme - so cute!

  5. Great job kiddo!!! Looks great!

  6. I like that he picked a theme and took a picture!

  7. Love it Karen. John must have been watching you for a while. With pictures and all, he did awesome! Nice work.

  8. Well done John, love that you stuck to a theme!

  9. I love his sandwich! What a wonderful lunch!

  10. Haha. My daughter is so used to my blogging now, she'll say "Can I eat that now. Did you take a picture? Quick, take a picture so I can eat my beautiful lunch!" Even if I'm not done yet. She thinks that taking the picture magically makes it finished!
    You tell him he made a very healthy-looking lunch!

  11. I love that he took a picture of his lunch. Well done.

  12. He is too cute, and I love that he picks all the right things AND takes a shot of it just like mom :)