Tuesday, May 29, 2012

House Full of Love

John asked to have the three of us and our house for lunch tomorrow. Uhhhhh ... sure, kid. I actually pulled it off with the help of some little circle cutters for their heads, an upside tulip mini cutter for mine, and our FunBites for everything else!
The three of us and the two hearts on top are monterey jack cheese. The house and top heart are I.M. Healthy Chocolate SoyNut Butter on whole wheat (except for the door which is white). On the bottom are grapes. To each side are Ocean Spray fruit snacks. He's also getting his Capri Sun Super V pouch and a Trix Yogurt cup.


  1. Super cute! Love to see what others come up with for FunBites ideas.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! John's pretty funny with food sometimes. I can give him MORE food if it's in little bites and he's more likely to eat it than I give him LESS food but in bigger pieces. He keeps things interesting :)