Monday, May 7, 2012

The Hulk

After lunch at Johnny Rockets yesterday we stopped by the Disney Store before leaving the mall just like we always do and as always John made out like a bandit bringing home a big almost as big as he is packed with awesomeness. (Remember, Johnny Rockets is a rare treat so Grandma going a bit bonkers on the boy at the Disney Store is a treat, too! Just so you don't get it in your head that he's super-spoiled .... which he is .... oh never mind!)

Thanks to Disney buying Marvel for a ton of cash a few years back and thanks to The Avengers and all of their awesomeness, the store was full of super hero stuff. John hasn't been all that into them aside from a few random Batman and Spiderman things here and there but it looks like that's all changing. He picked out a big talking Hulk figure and a set of small Classic X-Men figures (and then I got to explain to him who they all were when we got home -- a Geek Mom's dream come true!) and Avengers swim trunks. (He also got a Toy Story nerf-type gun and a Stitch mug.)

So he could get to know his new "friends" a little better I started downloading the Super Hero Squad episodes for him to watch since they're geared for a slightly younger crowd than the newer cartoons seem to be and so far he loves them. He almost missed his bus this morning because we got too caught up watching!  He really really likes Hulk so that's who'll be starring in the lunch tomorrow:
Hulk is a pepperoni sandwich on wheat. His name is spelled with monterey jack. There are some cherry fruit snacks under the grapes (both green and purple so they match the star of the show lunch!).

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  1. Love it! We saw Avengers last night....sooo good! I'll have to check out the Super Hero Squad, I hadn't heard about that one since Kidlet watches the older show.