Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Doctor Who - 10th Doctor Collage

I have four hours of the 10th Doctor left and I'm smashed over it. Tonight is my last night of work for the week (my "weeks" start on Friday) so we're going out with a big beautiful bang.
My lunch for tonight is flaxmeal bread topped with an egg sheet type mess, some pillow-pack sliced beef, tomato, and cheese. Most of the tomato is hiding under the beef with the exception of the two hearts. We also have the Doctor wearing his 3D glasses (I borrowed the image idea from an awesome t-shirt found on redbubble), his hand in its jar, his sonic screwdriver, a red Converse All-Star high top, The Master's Pocket Watch, and his ever-uttered "Allons-y!"

 (^ an amazing tribute video!)

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