Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Marvin The Martian & K-9 Lunch

We're pretty big Looney Tunes fans around here. It floors me that this is the first time I've made any of them into a lunch! Marvin The Martian has always been one of my favorites and thanks to the wonderful world of YouTube I made sure John had his hilariousness fresh in his mind before I made his lunch for tomorrow ;)

Marvin and K-9 are drawn onto cheese. The stars are mini bologna sandwiches. The "asteroids" are Sixlets. At the bottom is an all natural strawberry twist from Aldi's and a mini Slim Jim. He'll also get an apple or banana and probably a yogurt cup.


  1. I love Marvin, too! Great lunch!

  2. "Marvin, I love you. Marvin I looove you, remember, I'm programmed for yooooooou!" :)