Monday, March 11, 2013

Guest Post: Feeling A Little Lunchy gets feeling a little geeky!

A HUGE thank you to our dear friend Erin from Feeling A Little Lunchy for offering to do a guest post for us today!  If you don't already follow her blog (and her Facebook page) you really should! But not until after you see what she made for us here!


FeelingalittlelunchyI'm guest posting for What's in Our Lunch Bags today. So, in trying to keep with her awesome geekiness, I'm making an ode to Doctor Who lunch for my daughter.
"Are you my mummy?" lunch consists of wheat bread with nutella, bananas and raisins, roasted chicken roll ups with cheese letters. All packed in our Lunchbots Duo. It's a bit of a small lunch for a 10 year old, so she will get an apple and a bag of pretzels on the side too.
Hopefully my girl will eat it...she was a bit creeped out by this particular episode.


  1. Oh that is so fantastically creepy!! :D

  2. Everybody lives, Rose! Awesome, lunch...creepy, but awesome. <3

  3. She left it in the car! Ugh! So my hubs ate it on his first day at his new job! Bwahahahaaa! And he had no idea what the what it was!