Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring in Under 15 Minutes!

On Friday a good friend of mine is starting an exciting new linky: 15 Minute Fridays!
Bentos on the Bayou
We've seen time and time again people say "there's no way I would have time to do that for lunch" and "you must have too much time on your hands." Now on Fridays you'll be able to go and see that cute, fun and healthy lunches can easily be done in 15 minutes ... or less!

John had requested a "snacky lunch" to help celebrate today being the first day of Spring and I thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to share my excitement over 15 Minute Fridays ... a couple of days early.

This is the lunch that John is taking to school today:

And this is the proof that it could be done in under 15 minutes:

1. I installed a stop watch app onto my iPad mini and started out with that being the only thing on the counter with the Easy Lunchbox John had picked out and the knife that is always there ... and a lot of unrelated clutter because, well, I wasn't going to take the time to clean.

2. In just over ten minutes I was able to get the lunch completed and grab the polka dot towel I use for my shot backgrounds from time to time. I even had to run to the pantry and fight with a bag of veggie chips that didn't want to open... and slice the cheese several times because my first (and second) slices didn't give me as much "cute" as I wanted... and pick out which flavor of yogurt he would want... and remember where in the world I put the last pack of Annie's bunnies! So, finally, in his lunch he has salami (pre-sliced), veggie chips, grapes, Ritz Toasted Chips, Empire Jack cheese cut into flowers and chicks, peach yogurt in a Mini Dipper, Annie's Organic Bunny fruit snacks, his Omega 3 gummies and a little chocolate carrot.

3. I then took several pictures until I got "a decent shot" for the blog before taking the lunch apart since the yogurt had to go into the freezer and the crackers, chips and gummies really don't do too well in the refrigerator overnight. I put those in a container on the counter, put the ELB in the fridge, and wiped things down in time for:

4. The final shot showing that I still 43 seconds left to my 15 minutes! Maybe I should have cut another cheese chick ....

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  1. Happy spring! I LOVE this lunch! And, of course, thank you for sharing about my new linky. I can't wait to see the lovely and fast lunches we all make!

  2. I love this lunch! I looks great and it sounds like you pulled it together quickly.

  3. Very impressive! It's cute, delicious, AND fast!! You're a rockstar :D