Friday, March 8, 2013

We got a new @ThrifTeeGear bag! (Thanks, @BitingMyHand!)

It's a very simple lunch today -- your basic pb & j, veggie sticks, clementine slices, gummies & a cookie ... but the exciting part is that we got our new ThrifTee Gear bag that we won from Biting The Hand That Feeds You!

This is actually our second ThrifTee Gear bag. The first one we used a Doctor Who t-shirt for and this time we went with my poor old tattered Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends shirt. John was beyond thrilled when it showed up!

"Look, Momma! It looks just like your shirt!"
"Umm ... sweetie? It is my shirt!"
"Whaaaaaat? That's soooooo cool!"

Yes. Yes, it is.