Friday, March 22, 2013

Wall-E's Boot

We all love Disney here ... and Disney-Pixar even more! Friday night John and I snuggled up and watched Finding Nemo and then Sunday afternoon the three of us (well, five if you count the cat & dog) watched Wall-E for the umpteenth-million time. Last year John had a pretty pathetic Wall-E lunch that he took to school one day (I'm almost embarrassed to link to it). This time he took Wall-E's boot (with plant):
The boot was drawn onto a peanut butter & jelly wheat sandwich and the plant was cut from an AirHead. There were also grapes, veggie sticks, his Omega 3 gummies, and he had a frozen yogurt tube also in his bag. All in all this lunch took just under 10 minutes to make -- including the time it took to figure out where I put the stash of AirHeads and cut the plant! Not too shabby!
Bentos on the Bayou


  1. Awesome lunch! We actually watched Wall-E for the first time this week. The kids LOVED it, and they love this lunch, too! Thank you for linking up to 15 Minute Fridays!

  2. Awesome! We just watched Wall-e again too.

  3. Aww, the little airhead plant is so cute!