Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Faster Than Fast - Quicker Than Quick

My poor boy was home sick from school yesterday and now that he's finally feeling better we needed a fun lunch with an old friend -- Lightning McQueen! Cars was the first movie he ever really paid attention to and it's been, pretty much, a lifelong love for my 6 1/2 year old. He loves both movies and Mater's Tall Tales and has shirts and books and almost every car with multiples of his favorites in different styles. (He even had a Lightning McQueen shaped bed that he slept in from the age of 1 until he moved into his new enormous queen-sized one just before school started this year!)
Today, he has a Lightning McQueen lunch:
I found the sandwich box and snack container a while back in the dollar bin at a local store (Family Dollar or Dollar General -- one of those). The lunch really did go together "faster than fast," too. He has a ham and cheese sandwich that I cut with a metal race car cookie cutter and I did the coloring with my Americolor food markers. I've drawn Lightning so many times over the years the sandwich took less than 3 minutes to have completed -- including the time it took to slice off a chunk of colby jack cheese and cut out the number 95 and a lightning bolt! He also has Cars fruit snacks, veggie sticks, dried cranberries and his Omega 3 gummies. Altogether? A quicker than quick lunch that clocked in at 5 minutes.