Friday, March 15, 2013

We love Big Fish Games!

I'm a bit of a game junkie. Puzzle games, card games, hidden picture games, games that let me blow the bejeepers out of zombies ... I spend FAR too much time on Facebook playing them. Imagine my delight, then, when I found out that one of my favorite game companies had started to release Android-compatible games! Crazy addicting games on my phone?!? Score! Big Fish Games is now on Android!
I've played their games on the computer a lot and have done test runs of some on my iPad (you can download a sample of pretty much every game on every platform to see it you like it first) ... and now the addiction can go wherever I go since I've always got my phone! There are even games that are suitable for John which makes him a big Big Fish Games fan, too.

But back to my phone. I decided that I wanted one of the hidden picture puzzle games since those have been my favorite type of puzzle since I was knee high to a grasshopper. SOOOO many to choose from but I finally decided on Adventure Chronicles: The Search for Lost Treasure. It's like a cross between hidden pictures with National Treasure and a little bit of Carmen San Diego tossed in for good measure.
A screen shot from the first puzzle.
I had assumed that I would be flying through each picture since, well, I'm pretty good at this sort of thing. Oooooh no. Not only are there a lot of things to find (including the Geo Cache that you pretty much just have to stumble upon), but puzzles using the things you've found that need to be solved before you can move on! At first I was a little frustrated that the pictures were so small ... you know, it being a phone and all ... but then I realized that I could do the whole pinch drag and zoom and it got so much easier! This is going to be keeping me busy for quite a while...

I had thought of making myself my own hidden picture lunch but then John saw the little fish guy from the Big Fish Games logo and asked for that. I couldn't say no!
In his EasyLunchbox he has some leftover pizza with the Big Fish Games fish drawn onto colby jack cheese. He also has some Sour Cream & Onion goldfish, a clementine, and Swedish Fish.

And now I go back to Ulysses S Grant's house to try and figure out how to put his clock back together ....

Please note: While I did purchase the game I am now addicted to with my own funds, I am receiving game credits as a thank you for oohing and aahing reviewing. I would have oohed and aahed anyway, but I felt you should know. Now. Back to that clock ....

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  1. This sounds fun... hey, cut it out, you are NOT going to convince me to start playing phone app games... I hope...