Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Quick Like A Bunny!

Know how to make a super quick bunny sandwich with no bunny cookie cutters in sight?
Neither did I ... until my brilliant 6 year old had the brain storm of using a heart shaped cookie cutter, the nose/mouth from a lollipop dealie, and some food color markers to color in the ears and eyes:
He's pretty brilliant, isn't he?
I think it took longer to pick out which type of jam or jelly he wanted for his pb&j than any other part of the lunch! Total time (picture included): 5 1/2 minutes. I wish I had my stop watch app set up for the pictures!
Anyway, along with the pb&j bunny he has the usual veggie chips, grapes, fruit snacks, Omega 3 gummies and an added treat of a chocolate carrot and some Sixlets. He also has a yogurt in his bag.

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