Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Compost Lunch for an Earth Day Blog Hop!

I get asked quite often what I do with the scraps from John's lunches since his sandwiches and cheeses and whatnots are almost always cut into shapes rather than being left whole. In honor of Earth Day and the Bento Bloggers & Friends Hop I thought I would share with you how I "reduce, reuse & recycle" lunch scraps with what I call a "Compost Lunch!"

All of the scraps from John's Monday & Tuesday lunches I gathered into plastic bags. The bread is currently off-limits for me with Phase 1 of South Beach so it's going into the freezer for future use in meatloaf or as breadcrumbs.
The ham, turkey and cheese I dumped onto a plate and chopped it up a bit. Not all of the cheese is truly Phase 1 Friendly because it's not reduced fat, but there's such a small amount of it that I don't think it'll be too detrimental.
About half of it turned into toppings for a salad. I left two hams slivers unchopped because to me they looked a little like worms and we all know worms are good for compost ;)
The rest of it got mixed into the recipe I use for Flaxseed Bread/Muffins.
Ingredients: 3 Tbs flax seed meal, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1 packet Splenda, 1 tsp Mrs Dash Table Blend, 1 large egg, 1 tsp canola oil

Directions: Put the dry ingredients into a bowl. Stir. Add the egg and oil and mix well.
At this point I put the flax mixture in a large coffee mug and stirred in the remaining bits of ham, turkey and cheese. Microwave on high for 1 minute 15 seconds. Take out, invert onto plate.
All together and ready to go with some added tomato slices in the dish with the "Compost Muffin":
Now go check out the next stop on our Earth Day Blog Hop and see what wonderfulness BentOnBetterLunches has come up with!

Earth Day Blog Hop


  1. great recipe, great lookin' salad, and great post about recycling "bento scraps"! :)

  2. Clever way to use bento leftovers.

  3. I love the recipe! I recycle scraps in quiches and making French Toast casserole, mhmm. I love left overs ;)

  4. Genius and truly reusing each last bit. I just eat strange things like frozen peas and hummus for breakfast if they're leftover. I'm sure this tastes better! Very creative, Mom!

  5. Love the recipe. I recycle food scraps or they directly goes into my tummy after making N's lunches!

  6. yummy lunch. will have to try that flax seed bread/muffin recipe!

  7. Love how you used the leftovers. I just eat them. Haha! Maybe that's where my extra pounds are coming from!

  8. Your "compost lunch" looks amazing!

  9. cute! I would have just had one big ass salad myself lol

  10. Such a great idea! Love your compost lunch :)