Monday, April 16, 2012

"Utopia" & The Return of Captain Jack

If you're a fan of Doctor Who then this probably won't need much of an explanation. 
If you're not, you should be so you'll be able to understand my Doctor Who lunches.
In my Easy Lunchbox, Captain Jack is riding the TARDIS on a nice big salad. Jack & the TARDIS are both painted on 98% Fat Free Turkey Breast. It's not easy painting on lunch meat and the colors on Jack ran a bit so the detail is moot, but I think you still get the basic idea. "Utopia" is 2% cheese sitting on a smidge of ham leftover from one of John's lunches. The salad is comprised of lettuce, hard cooked egg, tomato, low fat cheese and red onion. I couldn't find a container the right size for my dressing so I squeezed it into a snack size baggie and that's in the top left container. The top right has the same jello cup I've been carting to work every other night this week.


  1. LOVE Dr.Who and Captain Jack. I am blown away by this lunch of yours, need to share with my hubby who is a huge Captain Jack fan and the tardis!

    1. I've been rewatching them all on Netflix and as soon as Jack mounted the Tardis yesterday I KNEW he had to be lunch :)

  2. Hahaha, awesome. Poor Jack, riding through the vortex on the outside of the TARDIS, and then eaten :)