Monday, April 16, 2012

Lilo & Stitch

To say that John loves Lilo and Stitch is probably one of the biggest understatements going.
We watch the cartoon series wherever & whenever we can find it.
He has all of the movies.
He has action figures.
He has just about every "cousin" memorized by name, talent and original number.
His birthday party in June is going to have a Lilo and Stitch theme (and custom invitations)!
And tomorrow he will have a Lilo and Stitch lunch!
The dynamic duo are turkey sandwiches on whole wheat. 
They're standing on grapes.
"LILO" is Scrabble Jr Cheez-Its.
"& STITCH" is monterey jack cheese.
The little guy on top? Johnny invented his own "cousin" for Stitch: 
An experiment made out of green grapes who shoots fire out of his back (the grapes are held together with a toothpick and the flames are slivers of carrot!).


  1. SO cute! your drawings never cease to amaze me! :)

  2. Super cute lunch and I especially love Stitch :)

  3. I love John's abomination :) And the rest of the lunch too of course!