Friday, April 6, 2012

Game of Thrones - House Targaryen

I had a hard time getting into Game of Thrones when season 1 first aired on HBO. Each time I tried I ended up trying to multitask and you just can't. Game of Thrones needs (and deserves) as much attention as you can give it. When I saw that season 2 was about to start I decided to give season 1 another try via the HBOGO app on my iPad and I'm so glad that I did! I got hooked quickly and ended up watching the entire season in three days! I definitely have my least favorite characters (uhhh ... hello Jofferey ... you can die any time now) and when it comes to my favorites Daenerys Targaryen ranks right up towards the top of the list if not at the very top. Seriously ... the girl is an unexpected badass in the best of ways.

(Note: I haven't read the books and probably won't for a while so as to not spoil the show for myself assuming it follows at all closely. The show is that good.)

I drew the Targaryen crest on cheese and placed it atop some spinach & cheese ravioli in my Easy Lunchbox. In the top sections are a small salad (I'll get dressing at work) and vanilla yogurt covered raisins.


  1. Kahleesi would be proud! Great job!!

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    2. Why thank you! I'm thinking Stark or Lannister next. I'm only working 4 nights this week so I can do the 4 main houses of Season 1 :)

  2. Karen this is freekin awesome! Dany is totally badass and would love this!