Saturday, April 21, 2012

Into The Woods Hello Little Girl -- Part 2 of 5

Day Two of Into The Woods Week has Little Red Riding Hood picking flowers after having it suggested to her by the Big Bad Wolf. (He would have also been in the EasyLunchbox, but he's already on his way to Grandma's house!)
The top compartments have a hard cooked egg and a mini salad, just to get the boring stuff out of the way first. All of the fun is in the large compartment!
I used natural food coloring to draw Red's outline onto some flax meal bread and cut her cape out with a paring knife before filling it with salsa. Under the bread is some leftover chicken and salsa from last night so I thought the added salsa would be perfect for her "cape as red as blood."
"Hello Little Girl" is cut out of provolone cheese and is also the title of the song my inspiration came from:

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  1. You used natural food color thats good for health.Moms lunch bag food item ie siple and looks tasty.