Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Into The Woods On The Steps of the Palace -- Part 5 of 5

You may have noticed that the previous three installments of Into The Woods Week were all parts of the potion the witch requires from The Baker and The Baker's Wife to reverse the curse she places on their family tree. Today we get the fourth and final part of the potion -- "the slipper as pure as gold" that ends up belonging to Cinderella!
The slipper is actually grilled chicken with cheese melted on top of it. It's sitting on a salad with tomato steps spread with fat free fried beans to make the slipper get stuck. In the top are two hard cooked eggs and salsa.
I couldn't find a clip from the original show of the song this came from, but I did find an excellent rendition from a 2006 production done at New York University:

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